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Luoyang Peony Hotel ideally located in the center of the city, 4km from the railway station and 15km from the airport. And distance to central city:1 km
White Cloud Mountain
IntroductionThe Baiyunshan National Forest Park was established in September, 1992. Located in t
Guanlin Temple
Introduction Guanlin Temple, o­ne of the three famous tombs of Guan Yu, is the o­nly anc
Ancient Tombs Museum
Introduction Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum, as its name implies, is a reputed museum devoted to t
Introduction Situated at the Tiemen Township in the west of Xin’an County, 45 kilometers away
White Garden
IntroductionThe White Garden is situated o­n the Pipa Peak of Dong Moutain , 12 kilometers (
China National Peony Park
Introduction Luoyang National Peony Park,located in the west of Zhonggou Gutter, Luongyang Cit
Shiren mountain
Introduction Shirenshan Scenic Area, a section of the east Funiu Mountains, is located at the we
Fengxue Temple
Introduction The Fengxue Temple is located o­n Fengxue Mountain at the southern foot of Shao
Luopu park
IntroductionLuopu Park is the biggest park in Luoyang City. It is located o­n the banks of L
Wangcheng Park
Introduction Located o­n both banks of Jian River o­n the north side of the western reach of Z
Xiyuan Park
Introduction Xiyuan park ,which is built o­n the site of Xiyuan, is located at the interchan
Cradle of Chinese Buddhism--White Horse Temple
Known as the First Ancient Temple in China, White Horse Temple is covered with green ancient tre

 Peony Hotel adress: 15 West Zhongzhou Road (Zhongzhou Xi Lu)(Downtown Area)
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